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Change New Machine for Printed White Paper Bowl


Change New Machine for Printed White Paper Bowl

Founded in 2004, Xiamen LvSheng Paper & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ecological packaging products for food and beverage. Our manufacturing factory is equipped with water-based ink flexo press, Heidelberg offset printing press, automatic high speed extrusion coating & lamination machines, paper cutting machines, paper slitting machines, roll die punching machines, roll die cutting creasing machines, automatic die-cut machines, high-speed paper cup forming machines, paper bowl forming machines, paper box forming machines, paper bucket machines, plastic cup forming machines, plastic cover machines and so on .

Total more than 240 pieces machines . However we still update our production equipment with current situation. In early Feb.2022,we add another 3 new Kraft paper bowls machine to expand production .
We produce and supply various kinds of eco packaging products such as paper cups, plastic cups, paper bowls, soup bowls, noodle box, paper buckets, paper lunch box, food grade paper carrier bags Kraft Food Boxes Wholesale and so on.

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